Infrared Thermography or Thermal Imaging allows an inspector to view the spaces behind walls and describe what is present without an invasive and possibly destructive process of investigation. By utilizing the FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera, we can get a full picture of what is or is not present behind just about any surface.


Water Leaks

There may be a water leak present that has not manifested itself externally in any way other than a musty odor.  Through thermal imaging we can determine the location of that leak by its unique thermal signature and help to minimize future damage to the home by a plumbing crew.  With the health effects of fungal growth and its relationship to asthma, headaches and other illnesses, pinpointing and controlling water intrusion is an important factor in the well being of your family.

Energy Loss

Home Energy Inspections

With thermal imaging, it is possible to determine where insulation is lacking, windows and/or doors are leaking or where other openings in your home are allowing hot or cold air to permiate the home thereby effecting your energy costs.  With the high cost of energy today, this service is a must for any home owner.


Overloading of Circuits

When an electrical circuit fails or overloads, the results can range from inconvenient to devastating.  These occurrences can be the result of everything from old conductors to improper configuration of the circuits.  Whatever the cause, the results are the same.  Thermal imaging allows our inspector to determine the need for further investigative work by a licensed electrician.  So whether the home you are looking at is old, new or its the one in which you currently live, addressing these issues can be a matter of personal safety.